Calling all artists

Ohio Song Project’s Artist Roster will be a vital tool for us as we begin to plan events for the ‘18-’19 season. We are welcoming all pianists, singers, composers, and poets to apply to join our team. Read below to learn more about the benefits of joining our Artist Roster.

Perform with us

Be on the short list of artists invited to perform for Ohio Song Project events.

Once our season is planned, we will be contracting 4-5 artists for each event. We will begin programming each concert by setting a theme (i.e. English Song, Schubertiade, etc.). We will notify all Ohio Song Project artists of the theme and request that artists propose potential programs for the event (length of programs and other details will be specified at the time of posting). We will select artists for each event based on these program proposals. We’ll evaluate how well the proposed program fits the theme of the concert, and how well it fits with the other proposals we’re considering, among other factors. In some cases, we may request that artists submit recordings of recent performances, or come for a visit/audition in person.

Promote your gigs

Promote performances and other events.

Ohio Song Project will do everything we can to support the success of roster artists. We can add any upcoming performances, related to the organization or not, to our events calendar. We can also help you promote events via our social media channels, mailing list, blog, etc.

Access to Song Resources

Access to OSP Resource Library
(Coming Soon!)

We are in the process of creating a directory of useful files for art song performers, which will be made available to all roster artists when ready. These files might include scores, articles, IPA transcription, collections of poetry, or any other relevant documents. Ideally, this will be a collection of the resources from several Ohio Song Project artists and stored on a cloud storage system like Google Drive. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting benefit.

Use our site

Be featured on the Ohio Song Project website.

All Ohio Song Project artists will have a feature page on This page will feature a biography, photo, and any other materials that the artist may want to include (links to websites, recordings, etc.). Ohio Song Project hopes to become a leading organization in art song performance and preservation in the state and beyond. As our audience grows, more people will be reading about and getting to know the Ohio Song Project artists.


Contribute to our blog

All Ohio Song Project Artists will receive an open invitation to contribute to the Ohio Song Project blog. OSP Artists will be able to submit song-related posts to our blog at any time via email. Regular contributors may be given login credentials to our blog so they may post at their discretion.

To apply to be an Ohio Song Project Artist, send us a message via email ( or via the contact page on our website, Tell us a little bit about your experience with art song, and why you would like to become an Ohio Song Project Artist. We’ll follow up with any questions that we have and instructions for moving forward with getting you on board. Thank you so much for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Note: Artists from outside of Central Ohio are encouraged to apply to join our roster as well. The Ohio Song Project Artist Roster is intended for artists with college degrees in music or equivalent performance experience. Current college students and recent graduates who wish to join us should apply as Student Artists. If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible to join the Artist Roster, send us a note and we will work with you to find the best way to get you involved with Ohio Song Project.

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