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Thank you for your interest in donating to Ohio Song Project. There is a lot that goes into supporting an organization like ours, and we can’t do it without your help. Your generosity will help us cover costs like paying our artists, renting performance spaces, printing programs, tuning pianos, purchasing food and drinks for events, and the list goes on and on. Your gifts will help us cover these costs and give us the freedom to focus on our mission of bringing quality performances of Art Song to Central Ohio and beyond.

Contribute Online

To make your gift online, simply click on the donate link found at the top and bottom of this page. You’re donation will be processed by our fiscal sponsor, Side-Hustle Syndicate, and you’ll receive a receipt enabling you to deduct your gift when filing taxes.

Contribute At an Event

We are able to accept cash or check donations in-person at Ohio Song Project events. If you’d like to make your gift by check, please ensure the check is made payable to our fiscal sponsor, Side-Hustle Syndicate. This allows us to ensure that you receive proper documentation of your donation so that you’re able to deduct the gift when you file your taxes. Side-Hustle Syndicate will process donations and provide tax receipts shortly after we receive your gift.

  • $5-50 – Help sponsor low-cost items like program printing, snacks and drinks, or a portion of a hall or piano rental fee.
  • $50-100 – With a gift in this amount, we can pay for a piano tuning, a month-long advertising campaign, or sponsor a small song recital by members of our community.
  • $100-$250 – Sponsor an artist. A gift at this level will pay fees for 1-2 artists at an Ohio Song Project concert. One of our core values is making sure that artists are compensated fairly for their time and talents. You can help us be able to make competitive offers to singers, pianists, and composers.
  • $250-500 – Sponsor the entire cost of renting a hall for an Ohio Song Project event.
  • $500-1000 – Sponsor a whole lineup of artists for an Ohio Song Project event. A gift in this amount could cover the fees for up to 3 singers and 2 pianists.
  • $1000+ – Sponsor an entire event. A gift of $1000 or more will cover nearly all the costs associated with an event. With a gift in this amount, we should be able to hire artists, rent a hall and a piano, provide refreshments, and print programs.
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