Who we are

Ohio Song Project is a collective of singers, pianists, composers, and poets based in or around Columbus, Ohio. Members range from students to seasoned professionals and each brings their own expertise and experience to the performance of art song.

More details about organization members and performers coming soon. If you would like to join the organization as an Ohio Song Project Artist, please drop us a line and tell us a bit about your experience with Art Song, and we will get in touch about the next steps.

What we’re doing

Ohio Song Project is a new organization, formed with the goal of providing quality art song experiences to the public in central Ohio and beyond. Our primary task is to program events which will be both informative and entertaining. Performances feature musicians who are passionate about performance and research of art song literature. Events will be held in intimate, informal settings and allow the audience a chance to not just passively listen, but engage with the music and the poetry. We hope that audiences will leave our events having gained a deeper understanding of the relationship between words and music, and eager to dive further into the art song repertoire.

Aside from offering live performances, Ohio Song Project will serve other functions in the community. As the organization grows, keep an eye on our website to see new additions to our blog and media pages. We’ll feature blog posts from organization members and artists on various topics, including analysis of particular songs or poems, information on composers and poets, tips for interpreting and understanding art songs, and much more. Additionally, beginning in summer 2018, you’ll be able to tune in to our audio interview series. These short audio pieces will feature interviews with area artists on particular pieces of the song literature, and culminate with a performance of the music discussed.  We hope that our online resources will help to educate our audience and generate further excitement about attending live events.

We have plans, as our resources grow, to add more elements of community involvement to our organization’s offerings. Plans include an arm of the organization dedicated to educational outreach. We’ll have organization artists visit public schools and universities throughout the state to give informative performances and help to inspire the next generation of musicians and audiences to foster a love and appreciation for the song literature. Additionally, we hope to establish a fund that will be used to actively commission composers to write new songs that will be incorporated into our regular season performance.

Check back regularly as our first season develops for event dates and ticketing information, and be sure to join our mailing list to receive periodic updates on the growth and progress of Ohio Song Project.

How you can help

As a new non-profit arts organization, our first priority is building a base of members and generating interest in what we’re doing. One of the very best ways you can help is to spread the word about our organization. Consider sharing this website with your friends or colleagues in the area.
Coming soon: links to Ohio Song Project social media outlets.

Of course, one of the hardest things about establishing an organization like ours is generating and maintaining funds. We rely on the generosity of community members, and your donations will help speed our growth and greatly enhance our ability to achieve our missions.

If you’re not able to donate but still want to get involved, there are several ways to do just that. If you’d like to participate in any of the ways below, write to us via the contact page on this site and let us know what you have in mind.

  • Perform!

If you’re a singer or pianist in the Columbus area and would like to participate in a fundraising concert, or be considered for an event in the main season, we want to hear from you! Drop us note and tell us about the repertoire you love, and we’ll make arrangements to meet and hear you in person.

  • Host a fundraiser

Beginning in summer of 2018, and continuing throughout our regular season, we will be on the lookout for opportunities to perform short, informal concerts to serve as fundraising events. Ideally, these events will be held in warm, intimate spaces. Audiences will have the chance to interact with organization artists and ask questions about the project. If you have a space that you’d like to donate for a fundraising concert, we would love to hear from you.

  • Become a content contributor

If you have a passion for art song and would like to contribute pieces for our blog, consider becoming an Ohio Song Project Blog Contributor. Topics can and should be eclectic – any topic is fair game, as long as it somehow relates to art song. If you’re a singer or pianist and would like to be interviewed for our audio series, we can arrange that as well!

  • Join the board of directors

We are currently seeking a few more people to round out our board of directors. We’re looking for people that have a passion for music and poetry, and can contribute skills that will help us as our non-profit organization grows. If you feel like you may have skills that will contribute to our growth, applications are always being accepted. Drop us a note and tell us a little about yourself.

Contact Us

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